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Reserve parking, a workplace, or stay nearby.

Rent parking, a work space, or a place to stay when you need it. Earn money when you don't.

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Parking Nearby

Hourly, daily and monthly parking.
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How it works

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List for free

Listing your space is free. We advertise your property to get your space filled or used.

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Set Price & Availability

You're in control of the availability, pricing, and how you interact with renters.

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Booking & Payments

You can choose to instantly accept bookings or reservation requests, with automated payments.

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Get Paid

You are guaranteed secure payments and payouts. Payouts happen monthly.

Spaces Nearby

Homes, apartments and, office spaces.
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Parqyt Benefits

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Guaranteed Reservation

Confidently know your reservation will be available upon your arrival.

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Safe & Secure

Payments are processed with Stripe to guarantee security.

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Be part of a community that works together to win together.

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24/7 support to find you the perfect reservation or help when needed.

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